Every Project is Unique

Even changing the swing of a door can bring its own set of obstacles and its own set of solutions. Big or small, the success of every project is the result of a contractor who looks at all the angles. Success is determined by a contractor who carefully plans every aspect of the job before the first tool is ever taken out of the box.

Success of any project comes in the value CR Meyer brings by minimizing your risk at every point in the process.

Whether you are building a heavy manufacturing facility or a simple concrete slab, when it is your responsibility, your job, your risk - there are no "little" projects.

That's why our crews put everything they have into the job. We bring the experience and talent needed to complete the work and the brains to work around any challenge we confront. That's how we deliver value in everything from the finish trim in an office, to machine installations, to building industrial facilities from the ground up. We keep the simple jobs simple and make the most complex projects feel that way.

Every project begins with people risking their reputation by making the call on which contractor to use. When you are part of that decision, your best option is to choose wisely. Choose a contractor who understands the value of minimizing your risk; a contractor willing to do whatever it takes to deliver the results you need.  Your best option is to choose CR Meyer.

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Recently, when a customer asked their jobsite Safety Coordinator the question: “Do you have a person or two that you would like to commend for outstanding safety and an example of why they exemplify Safety at your site”….the customer’s responses were…..

“It would be unfair to call any certain individuals out. CR Meyer as a whole is doing an excellent job in regards to safety. There have been multiple occasions where I have walked into an enclosure or an area more hidden on the site and observed workers wearing face shields or dust masks etc. This is the integrity that CR Meyer as a whole has displayed—doing the right thing when nobody is around or looking. I will say that in accordance with my last couple of audits, CR Meyer would deserve recognition over any of the subcontractors that we have had on-site”.

“CR Meyer as a whole is doing a great job here. CR Meyer personnel and safety immediately set the sub’s straight and in line. It seems to be working well here”.

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