Energy Independence Project

New Milford, CT

Industry: Pulp and Paper

Project Scope

CR Meyer was tasked with designing and building a Cogeneration Plant in Connecticut. The project included a simple cycle 15 megawatt gas turbine generator, a combined cycle 15 megawatt gas turbine generator with heat recovery steam generator, 4 megawatt steam turbine generator, waste heat boiler, two cooling towers, replacement of tissue machine #1 process air system, replacement of tissue machine #2 process air system and hood, expansion of mill’s existing electrical substation, and construction of a new electrical substation.

This project was made possible through a State of Connecticut grant program aimed at reducing the stresses placed on the power grid by large consumers of energy. Extensive structural reinforcement of the existing facility was required to support the installation of new equipment and co-generation duct systems. The schedule was compressed to meet requirements mandated by the grant to be on-line prior to the peak energy consumption season. The schedule was able to be met by utilizing the Design/Build model by overlapping engineering with construction.

The final result is nothing short of remarkable and field rework was minimal. A special thanks to the managers, engineers and designers, whose attention to safety, cleanliness, quality of work, and perception to detail, was beyond reproach.
Mining Industry Customer