TM Room Improvement

New Milford, CT

Industry: Pulp and Paper

Project Scope

CR Meyer and subcontractors designed and installed a new mist collection systems on TM1 and TM2, a new room supply make-up air system, a new HVAC false ceiling pressurization system, new exhaust systems for repulper tubs on TM1 and TM2, upgrades to the existing room ventilation PLC system, and new Electrical Distributions Systems for all the new equipment installations.

The project scope included the installation of new drive cabinets and controls for the HVAC and Mist Collection systems, and a new roof top equipment platform for Make-Up Air and False Ceiling HVAC units as well as the design and installation of a new equipment mezzanine over the existing operations area for TM1 Mist Collection System.

The installations were completed over two Construction Phases to minimize machine downtime to work within the client’s budget plan.

Project Stats

  • CR Meyer Self-Performed: Construction Management, Select Demolition, Structural Steel, and Millwrighting/Alignment Services
  • Subcontracted Electrical Installations, Mechanical Piping Installations, HVAC Design and Installations


The quality of work and management helped these start-ups set a new benchmark for the machines. CR Meyer demonstrated their ability to be the general contractor of major installations by quickly resolving any subcontractor trades or billing issues and coordinating multiple disciplines in a limited work space.
Paper Industry Customer